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120% More Light on The Road

These new Xenon Ultima headlamp upgrades from Ring Automotive, are a 'world-first' in offering up to 120% more light on the road and still remain fully road legal.

The Xenon Ultima are constructed using 100% Xenon gas and advanced filament technology to produce exceptional night driving performance.

Because these lamps produce a longer beam pattern, this enables other road users to be seen more clearly and allows more time to react to potential hazards.

Better reflections from road markings and signs make for more comfortable and safer driving

Upgrading from standard headlights to Xenon Ultima is a simple procedure that requires no changes to the vehicle wiring, and when fitted with Xenon Ultima bulbs your vehicle remains fully street legal .

12 volt / 55 watt H1 twin pack headlamp bulbs

Upgrades from standard H1/448 bulbs

NB: Product may vary slightly from image shown

Watch the video to see Xenon Ultima in action


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Free delivery to mainland UK

Part Number: RW1248

Product ID: Ring Xenon Ultima H1 Twin Pack


EAN Number:


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