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Thule CS-10 102 Snow Chains 10mm

The smart snow chain with automatic release.

These Thule CS-10 102 Snow Chains with asymmetrical diamond pattern chain and ice-breaker reinforcements offer the best grip on snow and ice.

Thule snow chains are packed as a pair for use on the drive wheels only. If your vehicle is front wheel drive, they are fitted to the front wheels and to the rear wheels if it is rear wheel drive.

Thule snow chains are a premium quality construction, manufactured from hardened Manganese Nickel Steel Alloy for greater strength and reliability. They are easy to fit and are supplied in a hard plastic storage case along with gloves, kneeling mat, spare parts and fitting instructions.

Homologations, certifications and conformity: in line with European and American requirements.


  • Anti scratch nylon bumpers protect alloy wheels
  • Innovative design
  • Colour coded assembling points
  • Micro regulation system
  • Self tensioning system
  • External quick release
  • ABS/ESP compatible

You will need to find the size of your tyres to get the correct size of snow chains to fit your vehicle. This can be found on the side wall of your tyres.

Please click here to use the 'Thule Fit Guide' to find the correct snow chain applications for your vehicle


These CS-10 102 snow chains will only fit the following tyre sizes:

16" WHEELS - 215/65-16, 225/60-16

17" WHEELS - 235/50-17, 245/45-17, 255/40-17, 265/40-17

18" WHEELS - 235/45-18, 245/40-18, 255/35-18

19" WHEELS - 225/40-19, 235/40-19, 245/35-19, 255/30-19


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Part Number: 04125102

Product ID: Thule CS-10 102


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