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Ring Intelligent/Smart 8 Stage Battery Charger 6/12 Volt RSCA4

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Suitable for Stop/Start Vehicles & AGM Batteries

The RSCA4 intelligent battery charger from Ring Automotive is suitable for all lead acid, Calcium, AGM, EFB, leisure or gel batteries between 10-120Ah. The RSCA4 smart charger is supplied with 2 sets of charger leads: One set with battery clamps (crocodile clips) and the othe with ring type eyelets, suitable for motorcycle type batteries.
  • 8 stage smart battery charger to deliver optimum battery charging
  • Microprocessor senses battery condition to regulate the battery charge and ensure maximum battery performance
  • Charging mode for lead acid, Gel and AGM batteries
  • Suitable for charging batteries on Stop/Start vehicles
  • Includes power supply mode to maintain a constant battery voltage when devices are connected and draining battery power
  • Charge state indicator to show where you are in the charging process and a guide to when the battery will be charged
  • Temperature compensation - adjusts the charging voltage depending on the ambient temperature
  • Reverse polarity protection to ensure safe battery connection
  • Input voltage: 220-240VAC
  • Output: 7.2v t0 14.7v / Up to 4A
Part number: RSCA4

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