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STP Car Air Con Cleaner & Refresher 150m Odour Bomb

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Fast & Easy 10 Minute Job

Refreshes & Cleans the Entire Air Conditioning System in Just 10 Minutes!

STP Air Con Cleaner helps to eliminate any bad smells and odours from your car air conditioning system which build up over time when your air conditioning system has not been used regularly.
  • Refreshes and cleans the entire air con system
  • Powerful anti-bacterial action
  • Fresh Scent Fragrance
  • Restores a new car smell to upholstery and linings
  • Removes and de-odorises bad smells
  • Simple application, easy to use
  • Full instructions included
  • Works in just 10 minutes
  • Size: 150ml with auto 'lock & leave' system
Part number: 23150EN

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