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Wheel Trims - How do you find your wheel size?

Fitting a set of new wheel trims is one of the easiest ways to give your car a facelift and make it stand out from the crowd.

But how do you know what size you need to order? It's really easy - just look on the side of your tyre!

Wheel trims are are usually measured in inches and refer to the diameter of your car's wheels (13/14/15/16 and 17  inch). To find the size of the wheel trims you require, look on the sidewall of your tyre and you will see a series of numbers. The number following the letter R is your wheel size in inches. See the examples below:

165/65 R13 - here 13 is the size of your wheels. In this case you would order 13 inch Wheel Trims.

205/55 R16 - here 16 is the size of your wheels so you would order 16 inch Wheel Trims.

The letter R just indicates the Radial construction type of the tyre.

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