STP Petrol Injector Cleaner


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New Improved Formula

STP Petrol injector Cleaner's concentrated cleaning power is specially formulated to clean up dirty injectors and inlet valves in one tank. power robbing deposits are rapidly dissolved, reducing fuel wastage and restoring engine performance.

STP Petrol Injector Cleaner helps restore power and acceleration in petrol engines. Clears clogged injectors in just one tankful and safe for use with catalytic converters.

Suitable for all classic and petrol engines that use regular petrol and is compatible with other STP additives.

When used regularly, will help to:

  • Restore power and acceleration
  • Smooth out rough idling
  • Clean and condition fuel delivery systems
  • Increase fuel economy
  • Reduce exhaust emissions
Part Number: 53200EN / 200ml

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